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5 Pair Polarized 3D Glasses
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The DepthQ® HDs3D-1 high-definition 3D projector is the 3rd generation of Lightspeed Design's patented portable stereoscopic projectors, offering superior contrast, synchronization and crosstalk ("ghosting") for 3D professionals.

DepthQ® Polarization Modulators electronically switch the polarization of light passing through them. In combination with a polarization-preserving screen and a single-lens stereoscopic 3D projector, this enables high-brightness, low-ghost viewing using lightweight & comfortable passive 3D eyewear.
“The overall image performance of the Modulator resulted in
a cleaner 3D picture than the other 3D systems..."

"Certainly for 3D projection, the DepthQ Modulator
demands our
Special Interest Award."

-Art Feierman / ProjectorReviews.com

DepthQ® is the stereoscopic 3D technology brand of Lightspeed Design, Inc.
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