DepthQ® Precision 3D Technology
DepthQ®/ Lightspeed Design, Inc. has been a worldwide leader in stereoscopic 3D for twenty-one years, developing landmark hardware and software technologies such as the DepthQ® Polarization Modulator for 3D digital cinema, the DepthQ® HDs-3D1 stereoscopic projector, and the DepthQ® family of 3D media software.

DepthQ® is a respected stereoscopic technology brand trusted by the most discerning clientele, and assisting in a wide range of disciplines - from 3D digital screening pharmaceutical surgical support 3D film production.

DepthQ® Polarization Modulator for Digital Cinema

Allows digital cinema projectors to display stunning stereoscopic 3D films, viewable using inexpensive passive glasses. Also available for use with any 3D-ready DLP Projectors for advanced 3D visualization.

Surgical Display Systems

Lightspeed provides design and installation of custom 3D visualization systems for integration with Intuitive Surgical, Inc.’s - da Vinci® Surgical Systems. We also offer a standardized product for patient-side assistance - the DepthQ® MobileTM 3D Visualization Cart. DepthQ® MobileTM integrates high-quality stereoscopic display with our DepthQ® CaptureTM and DepthQ® PlayerTM software in a compact, height-adjustable and mobile package.

Surgical Systems Support Services

Lightspeed Design, Inc. provides both 3D systems integration for permanent installations as well as 3D support services for surgical clients requiring 3D visualization at lectures, trade-shows and conferences.

DepthQ® HDs3D2 Video Projector

A professional, portable high-definition 3D projector that delivers rock-solid 1920x1080 120 Hz and 144 Hz stereo 3D.

Stereoscopic Software

DepthQ®PlayerTM is our feature-packed software solution for the processing and playback of stereo 3D movies from a standard off-the-shelf PC at HD resolution (1920x1080) and beyond. DepthQ® CaptureTM captures, processes and digitizes streaming full-motion stereoscopic video from two sources simultaneously. The captured 3D video can be monitored in realtime with extremely low latency, or recorded to the hard disk in an AVI format for playback. In development: DepthQ® Broadcast ServerTM encodes and broadcasts live 3D video over IP.

Custom 3D Installations

Lightspeed Design has been engineering and installing custom 3D Cinemas, Theaters and Industrial Visualization Centers since 1997, with dozens to our credit. While technology has surged forward since that first installation, Lightspeed has kept pace by constantly testing new innovations and actively developing 3D projection and software technologies. Our extensive knowledge creating immersive 3D theaters, paired with hands-on involvement in developing the industry, means reliable performance and satisfied audiences.

DepthQ®/ Lightspeed Design, Inc. Company Personnel

Chris Ward, President
Chris directs Lightspeed's business development and daily operations.

Jeff Rische, Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Jeff is responsible for business development, marketing strategies, and sales.

Bob Mueller, Executive VP / Art Director
Bob provides Lightspeed's primary artistic inspiration, with 32 years of experience directing, producing, writing, editing and animating. In addition, Bob's intimate knowledge of stereoscopic 3D technologies, algorithms and techniques now spans 29 years.

Kirk Melby, Vice President - Technology
Kirk brings 24 years of professional technical experience to Lightspeed. He is a highly skilled designer, with extensive knowledge of projection equipment and the integration of video and camera technologies.

Dan Lawrence, Senior Technology Manager
Dan is key to Lightspeed's daily operation, with 25 years of professional computer and electronics experience. He oversees Lightspeed's software development, digital video, computer network, and client services.

Dr Michal Hušák, Senior Software Engineer
Dr. Hušák has worked to develop stereoscopic OpenGL technologies, resulting from his efforts to improve visualization of chemical structures within his primary field of research.

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DepthQ® is the stereoscopic 3D technology brand of Lightspeed Design, Inc.
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