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DepthQ® Software Overview
Lightspeed Design, Inc. has been writing custom software since its inception over twenty-nine years ago. That software has ranged from specialized in-house vector-graphics applications & image processers to custom interactive game engines.

In addition, in 2002 we developed DepthQ®Server™ - our first stereoscopic media server - in order to provide professional-level stereoscopic playback of the HD 3D content created for our corporate and museum clients. While developed primarily as an in-house tool, its ability to cost-effectively deliver quality stereoscopic content led to wider interest, and over the last several years DepthQ Server was provided to many satisfied professionals.

We have now retired DepthQ Server, and are pleased to introduce the new DepthQ family of stereoscopic software:


DepthQ Player provides high-quality playback of local HD 3D files, live or pre-recorded IP video streams, or 3D electronic cinema from a standard PC at resolutions up to 1920x1080 per eye. Lite, Standard, and Pro versions are available.


DepthQ Capture provides the capture and recording of stereo 3D video from two simultaneous camera inputs at low-latency up to dual HD resolution. Supports HD-SDI and Motion JPEG codec.

DepthQ®VR Player™

DepthQ VR Player is our high performance virtual reality media server supporting uncompromised color, resolution and 90fps playback for Oculus Rift. DepthQ VR Player leverages our custom DQVR codec along with 4:4:4 color and CUDA real-time processing to deliver an amazing and fluid 360° immersive VR film experience. Read the full press release.

Please explore our new software family. We are improving upon each of them every day, and these pages will be updated frequently to reflect their status.

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