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Passive Polarization for 3D Digital Cinema

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DepthQ 3D - Passive Polarization for 3D Digital Cinema

DepthQ 3D Passive Polarization products for 3D digital cinema consist of our patented Best in Class DepthQ Standard Polarization Modulator and our newly patented high-brightness DepthQ CineBright™ 3D Light Recycler.

FAST - With a powered, symmetrical 50 microsecond switching time between the eyes, both DepthQ 3D products enable the world's shortest dark times - thus easily ensuring bright, low-crosstalk operation.

BRIGHT - When combined with a silver screen, DepthQ allows your digital cinema projector to display stunning stereoscopic 3D films, viewable using inexpensive industry-standard passive glasses.

RELIABLE - Advanced heat protection allows up to 56,000 lumens for a spectacular experience on large 3D screens. Novel patented designs and worldwide intellectual property insurance (CineBrightTM) provide peace of mind. DepthQ 3D is currently installed in over 3,000 theaters worldwide, and growing.

DepthQ Standard model produces an optical efficiency of up to 19%¹ and accepts a throw ratio as wide as .8:1.

DepthQ CineBright's novel, newly-patented design produces an optical efficiency of up to 31%¹ which combines with our super-fast liquid crystals to comfortably match or exceed the overall light efficiency of the polarized 3D market share leader. Cinebright CBV2 accepts a throw ratio as wide as 1.17:1 in Scope, and 1.36:1 in Flat, while our new short-throw model Cinebright CBST accepts a throw ratio of 1.13:1 in both Scope and Flat.

Quality You Can Trust

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  • 1 Your optical light efficiency will vary based on 3D glass manufacturer's product specifications.

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