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DepthQ® Passive Polarization
for Advanced 3D Visualization
DepthQ® Polarization Modulators are the world's fastest polarization switches for 3D digital projection
DepthQ® Polarization Modulators are the world's fastest polarization switches for 3D digital projection
DepthQ Modulators are the world's fastest polarization switches for 3D digital projection

Newly patented technology* makes DepthQ the world's fastest polarization switch for advanced 3D visualization. With a powered, symmetrical 50 µsec switching time between the eyes, DepthQ easily ensures bright, low-crosstalk operation - even at the upcoming 3D HFR
(high frame rate) targets of 192 FPS, 240 FPS...and beyond.

The new DepthQ Polarization Modulators electronically switch the polarization orientation of light passing through them. In combination with a polarization-preserving screen and a single-lens stereoscopic 3D projector (as bright as you need - no lamp/Lumens limit with the large modulator), this enables high-brightness, low-ghost viewing using lightweight & comfortable circularly polarized passive 3D eyewear.

NEW! We now offer linearly polarized solutions as well.1 Contact us.

The DepthQ Polarization Modulator for Digital Projection

  • Bright
  • World's Smallest Dark Time
  • Newly Patented
  • Made in the US and Sweden
  • Highest Quality Parts & Manufacturing
  • Five Year Optical / Three Year Electronics Warranty
  • Future-Proof
  • Available in both circular and linear1 versions


DepthQ® Polarization Modulator apertures
*LC-Tec Displays AB U.S. Patent No. 8023052 B1

An unprecedented 50 microsecond symmetrical switching time makes DepthQ the world's fastest polarization switch for 3D digital projection.

By actively alternating between 'left-handed' and 'right-handed' circular polarization orientations in sync with progressive L/R stereoscopic data, standard circular polarized eyewear can passively block or transmit light to the viewer's eyes for the appropriate image. This efficient, high-speed switching between the eyes ensures bright, low-crosstalk, flicker-free 3D whatever your flash rate - be it 100Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz or as high as 400Hz.

With high frame rate (HFR) projectors capable of 192 and 240Hz already being marketed, this ensures a future-proof investment.

The system includes both the liquid-crystal modulator as well as its control unit. A standard sync output from your graphics card or projector is supplied to the control unit, which then conditions the signal to match the modulator's required input.

The modulators are available in two sizes: Small, with a 16:10 ratio aperture of 9.84cm wide (3.875in) for projectors up to 4K Lumens, and Large, with a 16:9 aperture of 17.15cm wide (6.75in) for projectors up to 34K Lumens.

The optical window of the large modulator is also heat-protective, employing a nano-scale metal-on-glass pre-polarizer to reflect thermal energy and ensure longevity.

Paired with projectors up to 34K ANSI Lumens, DepthQ polarizers provide a compelling 3D experience for polarization-preserving screens up to 18.3m (60ft).

For more detailed specifications, please see our DepthQ Modulator PDF.

NEW! We now offer linearly1 polarized solutions as well. Please specifiy when requesting info. Contact us!

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Viewer Comfort

  • Passive glasses are very lightweight
  • Single-projector solution eliminates possibility of geometric asymmetry between eyes
  • No vertical or horizontal parallax problems
  • No bulb differences (intensity and color temperature over time)

Ease of set-up

  • Modulator placement is simple and forgiving - just set it in front of the projector
  • No time-consuming alignment of superimposed images required

Lower Cost/Maintenance

  • No moving parts
  • Less hardware than two projector solutions
  • No high-power Infra-Red emitter necessary
  • Passive eyewear is inexpensive

Options for Viewing

  • Passive glasses are available in a variety of form factors -
    from paper, to plastic, to wire-frame


  • Enables a wide range of applications - from theme parks to scientific & industrial visualization

Flexible Pricing

  • Pricing model reflects application and use

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Now Shipping! Lightspeed Design is the exclusive worldwide distributor of the DepthQ Polarization Modulator.

To purchase or for more information please use our Contact Form, or call +1.206.784.1385

1 Switch time of linear models is approximately 1ms.

DepthQ® Passive Polarization for Advanced 3D Visualization
View using passive 3D eyewear
DepthQ® is optimized to use Passive Polarization (Circular or Linear - specify when you order)
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